Does the idea of surprise guests at your door step spin you into a fit of frenzy? Imagine your house is for sale and those surprise "guests" are buyers requesting last minute showings!

Does the idea of surprise guests at your door step spin you into a fit of frenzy?

If you have pets you could be the cleanliest person but there will still always be fur on the floor - am I right? Maybe you had a busy day and you just didn’t get around to doing the dishes quite yet. Your kids could have left hand prints all over the freshly washed windows. Cue a nosy neighbor popping by, ringing your door bell, your dogs go into over drive, there’s barking and tails knocking over vases, and all in all you just aren’t ready for guests.

Well, imagine that your home is for sale, and you have not only a surprise guest show up at your door step, but on top of that this surprise guest might be the most important guest that’s ever been to your home. After all - if they like your house and want to buy it, you can finally move back home closer to the grandkids like you’ve wanted, or upsize into that larger 2 story your growing family needs so badly…! Your future could be riding on this one showing! 

So today, we are going to give you quick and concise tips, room-by-room and category-by-category, to prepping your home for a showing or open house quickly and in a fool proof way! 

Get ready for brutally honest advice, and some funny stories of things Brad and I have had to do in a last minute panic when we’ve sold our own homes in the past because nobody is perfect at this - not even real estate agents that do this every single day.

This Week's Freebie:

Let’s start out by saying that when we list a property, we go over the homeowner’s showing preferences - meaning how much notice they want. The official choices are short notice OK, 2 hour notice, or 24 hour notice required. We do our very best to strictly enforce this, but ultimately it’s our sellers choice if they would be willing to turn down a last minute showing request that might be much sooner than their requested prep window of say 24 hours. That’s why we created this showing prep checklist - in the hopes of making life a little easier. 

What We Cover in the Checklist:

1) General 

2) Pets

3) Kitchen

4) Bedrooms

5) Bathrooms

6) Laundry 

A Note on Safety 

We use electronic bluetooth lockboxes on all of our listings for any and all showings. They can only be accessed and opened by licensed real estate professionals, and give us an electronically recorded record of who entered your home - and when.

The Good Stuff (The Checklist)

We’ve put together a one page checklist you can print and mark as you go. So if you want a fool proof way to make sure you aren’t forgetting anything in the frenzy that can be getting ready for a showing, you’ll want this checklist. Just click on the image above to get it.

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